How much will this cost me?

Obviously this is one crucial question you want answered.

However, I can’t answer it! This is not a cop-out, it’s just one of the facts of life on the internet.

For instance, building a website depends on what you want done. No builder will give you a standard quote to build a house without seeing the specifications first.

I will set up a site which points to your business on the first page of Google, thereby giving you a crucial edge over your competitors. People normally click on ads on the first page of Google – you have to be there. However, I cannot guarantee that, as it depends on factors outside my control. For instance, Google may change the rules, as they have done in the past. But that won’t concern you, because if I can’t get your business on that first page, you don’t pay me! You only pay me after I’ve done the work.

Another thing which will affect the price will be the competitiveness or your business keyword, which is what people will type in when they are looking for a service in your field. The more competitive the keyword, the more work that has to be done, and the higher the price. For instance, if you want the keyword “make money online”, or “weight loss”, it will be almost impossible to get to page one, because of the intense competition for those words. However, I doubt that your keywords will be as competitive as those.

Therefore, the ballpark pricing formula for me to rent you a site on the first page of Google is:

Monthly search volume x PPC cost x 10%

This formula takes into account the competitiveness of your industry, and the price people are paying to advertise on Google Adwords for that term. After I’ve calculated this for you, you can compare it to what you may be paying for an ad in the Yellow Pages, which will be lost among all the other ads, especially the full page ones. In Google, your ad won’t be lost because it’s on the first page. Also, with the Yellow Pages, you have no idea how many sales are being generated by your ad – with Google, through the use of email marketing, you should know exactly how many people are responding to your ad, and you can instantly change your ad if you think of a better one, unlike the Yellow Pages, where you are stuck with the same one for the whole year, even if it contains a typo.

However, the best parts are these

    – With the money you save on Yellow Pages, ny services may be better than free!

    If for some reason you don’t wish to continue the service, simply stop paying!

    So, call me for a coffee meeting, on 0401972877, for a no-obligation chat.

    Thanks for your time,

    Peter Phillips

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