Free mobile website

Yes, that’s right! This is a free offer – let me make you a free mobile website in exchange for hosting (which you will have to get anyway). Or, if you prefer, you can buy your site outright and choose your own hosting -we can always do a deal. Watch the video below to see why you need a mobile website.[youtube][/youtube]

Here’s a sample from my mobile website portfolio:

Example of a free mobile website Delissio
Giorgios Example of a free mobile website

Your free mobile site will typically be 4 or 5 pages, including a tap to call function, a Google map of where you are, a contact form and will be based on your current website.

The Basic Plan

I will give you a free mobile website for $25.00 a month hosting and routine maintenance, payable in 6 or 12 monthly blocks.

I could also make you a regular website or do a special deal on a  mobile website/regular website combination. Just email me at, or give me a call at 0401972877.

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