Why would any business want to use Facebook?

Why would I want to use Facebook? That's a question I have been asked many times by business clients when I bring up the subject of using social media for business purposes.

The main reason for the scepticism is that they think that Facebook is really only for scatty teenage girls talking about their boyfriend or the latest celebrity gossip, or something equally insignificant..

Of course, what businesses fail to realise is that the same scatty girl also talks about businesses, such as the latest dress she has bought, or the fact that she had a good time at a certain restaurant last night, and therein lies the opportunity for an extension to a local business’ marketing strategy.

You see, the average Facebook user has around 100 friends and that each of those 100 friends also has 100 friends. You do the maths, and you can see that you have the opportunity to reach an enormous amount of people.

There is also the fact that the average Facebook user accesses via Facebook page at least three or four times every day, and so she will see any message which is posted to her Facebook page from one of her friends.

Now imagine that the business owner has his own Facebook page and our hypothetical girl was a friend of the business’ Fanpage. You cab now can send her a message. This message could be a sales message along the lines of a special deal that is on for the current week. For example, if the business in question is a local bar, it could send a message saying that there are drinks at half price for one hour after work this coming Wednesday. In the best possible scenario, the girl would also message some of her friends and arrange to meet at the bar after work. Her friends could also message their friends, and so the word would quickly get around that there are drinks at half price this Wednesday.

The result of this is that the bar has around 20 or so customers on the Wednesday night, which they would not otherwise have had.

This then is the huge untapped market which becomes available to any business which decides to market their product through the social media outlets.

Of course setting up a business Fanpage can be quite a bit daunting for the average business owner, and even when it is set up there is the ongoing chore of maintaining the fan page and keeping it relevant. Most business owners will simply not have the time to do that, they will be far too busy running their business. They will probably have to hire someone to do this for them, but the extra business a Facebook fan page generates should easily pay for any maintenance costs.

Therefore you should ignore the importance of Facebook at your peril, and do not quickly dismiss it as a passing fad – it could cost you a lot of business!

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